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7 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

Your website serves as the digital storefront for your business. If it doesn’t look appealing, load quickly or even have a mobile version, customers are going to keep walking. Many small business owners rely on their website to bring in a steady stream of leads and educate potential customers on what they offer. WordPress is an advanced platform that powers the back end of your website.

It’s commonly referred to as a “content management system” because of its ability to let you easily create and organize all of the pages and media you upload to your site. It is very interesting for you to learn why it is a good option for business websites.

1. You will be able to use and start your own blog features.

2. wordpress constantly updates itself for safety and security. This security updates are carried out by your IT service provider most of the time.

3. WordPress is an open source system. Open source simply means that developers are able to contribute to WordPress’ software in the form of plugins, themes and updates. How does that benefit you? The system is constantly improving and getting better, and a new addition doesn’t cost you a cent. You can reap all the benefits of these improvements without paying for them.

4. WordPress is a very SEO friendly (SEO: Search engine optimzation)

5. WordPress has been around for many years, it’s not a newly developed system

6. WordPress can be handled by a professional PHP programmer, which is very popular

7. Having a wordpress website puts you in a good impression. WordPress is great for small businesses because it has everything you need to create a visually pleasing, fully functional, scalable website, and it also offers endless possibilities if your business or budget grows down the road.

Why SSL? The Purpose of using SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it is the backbone of our secure internet and it encrypts and protects the sensitive information as it is sent across the world’s computer networks. SSL is required for protecting your website, even if your website does not handle sensitive information such as credit card processing. It provides both data security and privacy of your customers data. The primary reason why SSL is used to keep sensitive information sent across the internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it. This is very important as the information sent through the internet is passed from one computer to the other (to the destination server). If any computer in between the source and the destination can see your credit card details, usernames, passwords, or any other sensitive data, then these data can be used in unauthorised ways. So it is important to keep these data from hackers and identity thieves. One of the very immportant factor why SSL is so important is it provides Trust itself. Web browsers in your client’s side shows if this website is secure or not. If it is secured, then clients may feel more reliable visiting the website or purchase your product and services directly over the internet.